Are you an Aspiring Film and Animation student waiting to be noticed?

You've got the talent, we've got the platform.

Keep It Short - India’s Only Streaming Platform for Student Filmmakers

Showcase your talent, get discovered by the right people.

We understand the challenges that students of film and animation training institutes face - limited resources, lack of mentorship, and a fiercely competitive landscape that makes it difficult for young creative students, like you, to find your “big break”.

Keep It Short is your launchpad to change that.

When you upload your student film to Keep It Short, you put your work directly in front of people who matter - industry veterans hungry for fresh talent. Showcase your skills, connect with mentors, and gain the exposure you need to ignite your career.

So, if you're a student director, cameraman, editor, storyteller, or animator with a passion for filmmaking, don't miss out. Step into the spotlight, showcase your skills, and kickstart your journey to a thriving career in the film industry with Keep It Short.

This is your chance. Seize it.

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How It Works

We Help One Student Film Crew Level Up - Every Month!

"Keep It Short" is your chance to shine and share your unique vision with the world.

Here's how to make it work for you:


Submit your short film

No matter the genre or budget, your story matters.


Get noticed and receive feedback

Your film will be seen by industry professionals and fellow student filmmakers. Get valuable critiques to improve your craft.


View Update

Check out your views for this week


Gain viewership and recognition

In addition to a focus group screening for testing audience reaction, you can get workshops, mentorship, and more.

5 Minutes.

That’s all you get. No fluff, no filler – just pure, unadulterated storytelling that demands to be seen.

Don’t hold back—let your creativity soar! Take a step towards your filmmaking dreams today.

Keep It Short

isn't just a streaming platform

We foster collaboration between film institutes, industry experts, and aspiring filmmakers to create career opportunities. We offer engaging content and interactive experiences across platforms, building a vibrant community that celebrates the future of Indian cinema.

Forget the "big star" pressure

We celebrate raw talent and unique stories, no matter your budget. Tell the tale that burns within you, the one that reflects the heart of India.

Forget gatekeepers and limited distribution

Showcase your film on a global stage, reaching a worldwide audience hungry for fresh Indian voices.

Forget working for nothing

Gain recognition to open doors to new opportunities. Attract collaborators and potential studio interest with your submitted short film.

Let your passion fuel your journey.

Let your creativity soar. 

Let your stories change the world.

This is your time to shine.

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